EC12 Class Rules, as modified Oct 2, 2014: View

These documents apply to both current and proposed rules: Sail Diagram

Sail Marking Procedures
Info on size and placement. The full sail number (four digits) is highly recommended. This is likely to be a rule in future years. Sail Marking Plan

Sail Measuring Procedures
There are three commonly used methods by which the girth stations on the leech can be determined. It is from these points. . . read balance of document

Chronology of EC12 Sail measurements
The following come from material prepared by Bob Sterne and Larry Robinson intended for AMYA EC12M Class Advisory Committee members regarding the sail girth measurement problem from its inception shortly after girth dimensions entered the class rule. We think the information should be available to all EC12 sailiors . . . read balance of document


EC12 Class Code of Conduct
In order to promote fair sailing and the Corinthian Spirit, the EC12 Class has established a Code of Conduct which all competitors are expected to adhere to and all Race Staff are required to enforce. It is our fervent goal to restore and maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and camaraderie at all EC12 events.
Click here for the Code of Conduct.

EC12 Class Measurement Certification Policy
A new measurement certification policy, effective February 1, 2014, allows owners to certify the measurements of their own boats with the help of a witness. Skippers must present their certification at all National and Regional Championship Regattas.
Click here for the Policy and Certicate in a PDF file
Click here for Waterline Checking by Tom Germer
Click here for Knockdown Tank by Tom Phillips
Click here for Beam Measurements from 1978 to 1995
Click here for Beam Measurements from 1995 to Present

National Championship Entry Selection Policy
The National Championship Regatta is open to all members.

National Sailing Schedule Policy
The schedule shall be posted on the class website before the end of the calendar year, as organizers are able to submit their information. Posted regattas shall be open to all class members . . . read balance of policy

National Seeding List

The National Seeding List (NSL) is a tool to assist regatta organizers in seeding entries into multiple fleets fairly for a promotion-relegation event. This eliminates the need for seeding heats at the beginning of regattas and will get racing started right away. It is also an aid for competitors to track their own performace. The NSL is posted on the Class Scheduling page.  Read the details of the NSL here

Boat Registration Policy
Sailing is a hobby and sport. This is supposed to be fun. This is meeting new people, visiting and sharing information. This is to satisfy our human interest in tinkering and the competitive spirit. And so in the having, sailing has become organized with a recorded history. It begins with a hull and a number. . . . read balance of policy




Carbon Fiber Review
A recent request to review the use of materials in construction.

The Request The Interpretation The Response
Note: This is a scanned image of a
letter sent to the Class Secretary.
Presented as it was received