What is EC12 Racing all about?

Building is fun but racing puts the zest in it. As a group of guys gather at the pond, competitive juices begin to flow. It quickly becomes, "what can I do to go faster or sail better than the other guys". And we all learn by racing.

Whether it be a Sunday afternoon at the local pond or a 400 mile drive to attend a special regatta, it's the icing on the cake - Competitive sailboat racing.

There are three variables: your skill, your competitor's skill and Mother Nature. Our hobby is to try to improve or conquer each.


To the full scale sailor
Most likely, you understand the rules and the dynamics . . .

  • Depth perception will be a skill to learn or improve (yes, it can be improved with training.
  • Controlling a boat from afar is a challenge. You won't be able to look up and see the windex or tell-tales
  • You'll find you get much more sailing done in an afternoon than with full scale. The heats are fast, the rigging time is minimal

To the Modeler
 Putting the boat together was no big challenge, but these *#$& nautical terms will be the death of me . . .

  • If you've flown R/C planes, you'll have an advantage with depth perception and control reversal.
  • Our society is one of power and out of habit, you will try to take the shortest path to the next mark. That might not be a straight line. And this will be a challenge to learn
  • Don't despair, the rules can be learned - but it will take concentration and a commitment to do it correctly.

For Everyone
One sailboat is fun. Two sailboats are a race. It is human nature to try to out do your competitor.

  • Where's the next regatta? Click Here
  • The RD (race Director) is your friend. Help him every chance you get.
  • Sailing is like a chess game. Fast is important but there are situations that the rules will allow a slower boat to win-out. Know the rules.
  • Want to host your own regatta, this will help