The class recognized a long time ago, the success of its growth and longevity is helping and welcoming the new member.

Getting started can be kind of daunting. New Builders need to learn sailing info. New sailors need to learn about building. We stand ready to try and help.

Don't worry about asking too many questions. The day will come that you can reciprocate and help a newbie also. It really is gratifying and a true sign of skipper and class maturity.

  • Class Resources
    Links to many of the pages that will provide more information on building, sailing, construction and radio control
  • Class Suppliers
    Hulls, fittings, sails, you'll find a source for your needs here. All have been tested by the class.
  • Pour Parties
    Ever heard of hangar flying? When the water is hard (ice) we get together and build boats, swap tales and generally have a good time
  • Construction Help
    There are some EC12 specific websites for help in construction of your pride and joy.
  • Build a Hull?
    Just what goes into building a hull? Follow production, step by step
  • Search the Site
    We know there is a lot of information buried in this site. This is simple way to search the webpages for a specific item or info. Note: this search engine does not search the discussion group. There is a different one for that - go to this link for a search of that area. Not a member, no big deal, registration is free and quick