The EC12 is designed as a builders boat. Resources on this site will lead you through the process from planning, building with commercially available sources to in-the-water tuning and sailing. You can also commission the building of a yacht from scratch from master builders.

  • About the EC12 - This section provides a little history and general information about the class and the website.

        History: A little background on our toy boats. Interesting heritage

        Publications: There are a number of different hard copy items available.

        Full Size: Some pictures and links to the full scale 12 meter boats

        Links: Just what the name implies, links to other sites we find useful

        Site Map: a graphical presentation of all the pages in this site

        Revisions: we keep a running log of changes made to the site. There is also a link to be notified of any changes
  • Administration - where would we be without rules and paperwork? All the management people in the activity.
  • Resources This section will provide all the links to building and class resources from commercial supply, a building checklist and items to help you with your EC12
  • Clubhouse - where we all gather to display, discuss, sell & trade or write about our boats and hobby.
  • Regattas - Let's go racing! info on this years schedule, past regattas and other regatta related items.