Just what we need, a bunch of sea lawyers!! To be successful, an organization needs organization. We've a great bunch of volunteers, and a solid set of class rules and procedures.

  • Join/Renew
    This is an easy one - buying a new EC12 hull and you are automatically registered. Buying a used boat, transfer the registration to your name and you're in.
  • Officers
    A fine group of volunteers who do as much as humanly possible for the class and to promote the EC12
  • Class Secretary Reports
    State of the class, event and rules comments, it's all here
  • Class Rules
    Yea, we got em' too. We all play by a certain set of rules. These govern the building of the boat.
  • Boat Registration and Transfer
    New hulls are automatically registered by the builder when it is shipped to you. Existing boats may be transferred from one owner to another on this page.
  • Contact
    Info on contacting the class and the class secretary