The Twelve meter boat is not a dead class. Check these sites for more full scale sailing:


Twelve Meter Charters
Sparkman & Stephens 12 Meter Designs
Twelve Metre Yacht Trivia

12 Meter Association
A recent outing of Heritage with Charley Morgan and Buddy Black at the helm 
            Jim's narrative of the outing





All of these pictures were supplied by AJ Moritz.  If you like 12's, you'll love the pictures.

12M Columbia starboard bow, getting prep for top coat of paint AJ.jpg (56598 bytes)12M Columbia rudder 2 AJ .jpg (26499 bytes)12M Columbia starboard side AJ.jpg (35118 bytes)12M Columbia stern AJ.jpg (32148 bytes)12M Columbia under full sail AJ.jpg (28229 bytes)

12M Couragous port side AJ.jpg (27476 bytes)12M Couragous starboard side AJ.jpg (24146 bytes)12M Couragous starboard stern AJ.jpg (23869 bytes)12M Gleam interio looking aft AJ.jpg (29978 bytes)12M Gleam interior looking frwd AJ.jpg (42174 bytes)12M Gleam's head, note the copper sink AJ.jpg (40560 bytes)

12M Northern Light in New Port. trial horse for Gleam AJ.jpg (42001 bytes)12M Northern Light interior looking frwd AJ.jpg (40629 bytes)12M US 18 Northern Light Under Way .jpg (25444 bytes)12M Valiant just fitted with new Keel AJ.jpg (51038 bytes)12Ms Underway Northern Light, American Eagle & Couragous in New Port.jpg (19465 bytes)