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The Manual for the East Coast 12-Meter

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Published 1994, Bob Wells, Author

The title of the book says it all. Anything and everything you'd ever want to know about the EC12. History, how to get started, a couple designs are studied, tips on sailing. This is an excellent reference book for classical structured building. 146 pages 


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Price: $35.00

Optimizing the EC 12

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Published 1996, Bob Wells & Larry Robinson, Authors.
A very technical study of the EC12. Engineering data and serious design considerations. Not for the faint hearted. This is a very technical manual related specifically to a RC model sailboat. 240 pages

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Price: $40.00

Making Model Yacht Sails

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Published 1997, Larry Robinson, Author.
A treatise on sail design for the model yacht, written around the EC12. Very advanced.
46 Pages


Currently out of stock - Resupply date is unknown



EC12 Construction Drawing

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Building a Twelve? Curious what goes where? What dimension do I set the jib fairlead at?


This drawing is based on upgrades from the original by Mark Rinehart. It contains templates for decking support, station position for various deck hardware and suggested numbers for sail rigs and other useful information. Effective January 2008 a metric scale drawing of the equipment System Board is included.


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A PDF download file is available for copying a print file to a printing company for local service. Download PDF file


Price: $15.50


EC12 Cradle Plan

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This is the original cradle design and plans by Larry Robinson. The EC12 hull is sensitive to bumps and scrapes. A proper cradle will keep your hull "fair" longer. This two-sheet plan uses wood sheet templates and instructions to build a cradle.


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Price $15.50


EC12 System Board Plan

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This is a metric scale drawing of the chassis for the System Board shown on the Building Site with photos of the process. This and the sheetline additions is all that is needed for this easily removable unit. This plan is included with the purchase of the EC12 Construction Drawing due to no mailing costs.


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Price $3.00


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