Welcome to the EC12 discussion groups. One of the benefits of the group is its willingness to share information and help to others. Got a question on how something is done? Looking for a particular item? Take a moment to look around, you might find the answer here.

These discussions are for the betterment of the group and hobby. As you use the area, please remember a couple things:

  1. The discussion is limited to EC12's and related items or issues. It is not a general discussion area. If you're looking for a site to discuss forming a new class or nuclear proliferation, keep looking, this is not the place for it.
  1. The discussions are monitored and moderated. If you get off subject or the discussion becomes inflammatory, we reserve the right to cancel or delete the postings.

Come on in and look around. You just might enjoy what you see. Don't hesitate to post a helping hand or comment - in this area, we are all newcomers.

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Come on in and have fun

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