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No entries will be accepted after October 9, 2017.

Sailing Instructions (Click here to down load PDF)

2017 EC12 National Championship Regatta

1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing, as modified by Appendix E, modified AMYA HMS 2014 and the Class Rules of the EC12 Class.

2.1 The Course and start/finish lines will be announced by the Race Director (RD) prior to each heat, modifying Rule 27.1 and E3.3.
2.2 The RD may use an offset mark at the Starboard end of the start line to represent a committee boat. Boats sailing between the two marks so designated shall be considered to have touched the committee boat (starting mark).
2.3 With the exception of the start and finish marks, the RD will identify the course marks that may be touched without penalty, modifying Rule 31.
2.4 When a boat is wrongfully compelled by another boat to break rule 31, she shall be exonerated if the other boat acknowledges breaking a rule of part 2 by taking a penalty, retiring immediately or if the protest goes to committee and the other boat is penalized. This modifies rules 31 and 64.1.

3.1 Audible starting signals will apply using the AMYA starting tape or a copy thereof, modifying Rule E3.4a.
3.2 A boat with any part of her hull or equipment on the course side (OCS) of the starting line or one of its extensions during the one minute period prior to the starting signal shall be sailed to the pre-start side of the line around either end before starting (i.e. No dip-starts), (Rules 30.1 and E3.5).
3.3 In addition to the voice hails required by Rule E3.8, individual recalls may be signaled by displaying Code Flag “X”, modifying Rule E3.8(b).
3.4 Only the RD can call a hold to racing. The RD must be made aware of any hold request before the preparatory one-minute signal. If approved, the hold will be monitored by the RD with a return to racing within five minutes. Only one such hold per heat will be considered. Only one hold per skipper is allowed AND only for repairing damage caused by the actions of another boat or an act of nature. Holds are NOT permitted to change batteries or tune sails.

4.1 When a boat takes a penalty at or near the finishing line, she shall sail completely to the course side of the line before finishing.
4.2 Do not call out sail numbers when finishing.
4.3 A single boat still sailing the course after all other boats have finished may be hailed and scored last, provided she started correctly.
4.4 A boat not racing shall not interfere with boats that are racing (rule 24.1). A boat that breaks rule 24.1 may be penalized 4 points by the RD without a hearing, modifying Rules 63.1 & 64.1.

5.1 Only Appendix E Rule E4.3 is used to cover penalty turns.
5.2 E4.3(b) requires a boat take an additional One-Turn Penalty if she has gained a significant advantage by her breach. If the significant advantage still exists, more turns may be required. E4.3(c) requires a boat to retire if she causes another boat to become disabled.

6.1 The Race Staff may provide help in the form of untangling disabled boats; this adds to Rule E4.2(c).

7.1 A skipper protesting another boat shall twice hail, “Protest” and the other boat’s sail number (Rule E6.3). Make sure the protested boat knows that she is being protested. The protested boat shall reply that she either accepts the protest or intends to go to a hearing. Boats wishing to exonerate themselves shall sail clear of all boats and complete one penalty turn as soon after the incident as possible. Boats failure to PROMPTLY sail clear and complete penalty turn, or turns, may result in an additional penalty. (This modifies Rule E4.3)
7.2 Boats wishing to lodge a protest shall inform the RD within 2 minutes of the end of the relevant heat (Rule E6.4). Protests not settled on the water shall be heard immediately after the heat in which the incident occurred. Skippers involved in a protest will be granted up to 5 minutes immediately after the heat to prepare for the hearing (Rule 63.2).

8.1 A boat may request redress in accordance with Rule 62.1, as amended by Appendix E6.6.
8.2 All decisions regarding redress will be in compliance with Rule 64.2
8.3 Redress may be awarded by the Race Committee orally following an incident, without a hearing, modifying Rule 63.1. If an interested party disagrees with the Race Committee’s call, that skipper may request a Redress Hearing after finishing the heat, modifying Rule 63.1.

9.1 The regatta will be scored under the EORS or Promotion Relegation method using the Low Point Scoring system of Appendix A and AMYA HMS 2014.
9.2 At the end of the regatta one worst score per each 8 races completed shall be excluded, modifying Rule A2.
9.3 All heats not finished while racing or having been assessed a penalty, such as DNF, DNS or DSQ, will be scored the number of boats in the Heat assigned +1. A Disqualification for Gross Misconduct or Rule 2 violation cannot be excluded.

10.1 Ballast shall not be shifted, shipped or unshipped during the regatta, modifying Rule 51. This rule does not apply to changing of batteries as long as they are replaced in the same location from which they were removed and with batteries of the same size and weight.

11.1 Remember that we are always in Friendly Competition. In the event of any protested behavior which is deemed to be a breach of good manners or sportsmanship, or which may bring the sport into disrepute, the Race Director or other designated race officials will protest the party(ies) in accordance with RRS 2.
11.2 Penalties available to the RD and/or Protest Committee include a one turn penalty without a hearing, exclusion from the race in question, or expulsion from the regatta.


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