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Photos by Judy Bonanno
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Peter Feldman Wins 2018 EC12 Nationals

Once the fog lifted first day of the regatta got under way. RD Art Hawes set up on the south side of the pond hoping for an easterly breeze. As anticipated it did fill in from the east. Peter Feldman, Dick Hedderick and Chuck Millican each won a seeding race. The winds remained very light (0 to 5) and shifty ( 60 degrees or more). After a lunch break the wind stopped and shifted 180 degrees. Sailing was halted for about 15 minutes hoping that the wind would stabilize. It remained somewhat westerly for the remainder of the day. The day was cut short by about 20 minutes due to the threat of a thunderstorm. After 5 full races, Peter Feldman had established #40 as the boat to beat. Reichard Kahle, Dave Branning and Dave Ramos also had a good day.

Feldman started the second day of the regatta scoring his fourth bullet in six races. He then had to settle for a second and a third in the next two races before winning again. Friday’s conditions were similar to Thursday’s without the fog. Morning winds were mostly easterly before turning nearly south. After lunch the RD moved the sailors to the east side of the pond looking at some nice wind from the south. Well, it promptly went west and the race committee couldn’t get a decent course so we all trudged back to the south side of the pond again. With these delays a nearly unanimous decision was made to sail a bit past the published quit time of 4pm. After the day’s completion of six races, Feldman established a 20 point lead over Kahle. Jarl Wathne had a good day and jumped to third place.

On the third and final morning winds filled in from the north and with some authority. That didn’t last long before it got light and shifty. By late morning the shifts were nearly 90 degrees. As the day went on the shifts made for no tack beats and tacking after the weather mark to get to the offset. A curious alligator joined the fleet. One boat was lifted half out of the water when it went over the partially submerged gator. At the end of day 3 Peter had a 29 point lead. The real battle was for the next three positions. It came down to consistency and throw outs. Jarl Wathne moved to second by four points over Ramos and Kahle with Ramos taking third and Kahle fourth and Alan Perkins moving into fifth place. The biggest mover in the top ten was Dick Hedderick with a total of just 23 points for the day’s five races. He moved up to 6th place overall.

In summary, the sailing was good, the food was good and best of all it was a pleasure being part of this fleet. There were very few break downs. Only one protest went to committee and frustrations with light air sailing were kept in full control. Congratulations to all.

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